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A Brief History of the Realm of Elderyn

One-thousand years ago, the world of Elderyn, a land where elves and Eladrin were but the things of myth and legends, was recovering from a brutal 20-year war between dwarf and man. The Honorable King Verin Desderon, of Fangul, a small Kingdom to the southeast, was forced into a war with their northern neighbors, the dwarves of the Erberek after agents from his kingdom killed the dwarven prince Barundar, son of King Dorn. King Verin had no knowledge of the assassination, and years of peace between dwarf and man were torn asunder, all because of the ambitions of Verin’s brother, The Earl of Fangul, Solomal Desderon.

Dorn, The Dwarven King of the Nation of Erberek

Solomal Desderon had a plan to usurp the king, but there were three human princes in Fangul, two of fighting age, and one an infant. The Earl, commander of the armed forces under His Majesty, had manipulated events so that the two young prices would be sent to what was surely their death in battle. The infant however, was a different story. He had ordered his agents in the palace to kill him, but they could not bring themselves to infanticide, so they had him taken away to the neighboring Kingdom of The Rickenmyre, in the northwest. Unbeknown to the Earl, the king still had an heir.

The infant price with his caretakers in the palace.

War ravaged the land for two decades, until Desderon negotiated a secret peace treaty with the dwarves. In exchange for the death of the human king, his brother, the dwarves would initiate a cease fire. Betrayed by his brother and his lackeys, King Verin Desderon of the Fangul met his end in an empty Keep, sorrounded not by dwarves, but by traitors.

The death of King Verin Desderon of the Fangul

Soon after, Solomal became King, as all three heirs to the throne were presumably dead. The surviving infant grew up in the lands of the Rickenmyre, with absolutely no knowledge of his past. He would live out his days there, living a modest life, eventually raising his own children there. The Desderon family line would live on, even if they had no knowledge of their past, and were living under a different name…

The newly crowned King Solomal Desderon of the Fangul soon distanced himself from the populace, and from the rest of the world as well. The once thriving Kingdom of Fangul fell into ruin, despair, and isolation.

Fangul Castle

After the ravages of a twenty year war, Elderyn settled into an uneasy calm, but it would soon come to an end. Seven years after the death of King Verin, an unnatural cold began encroaching upon the realm. People in the north felt it first, winter came stronger, and it lingered for far too long.

The Everfrost comes to Elderyn

Representatives from the Gnomish Lands of the Eckleborough, in the far western end of Elderyn, took it upon themselves to figure out what was happening. They sought the help of the two largest human nations, Feledorn, a peaceful republic, and the Kingdom of the Rickenmyre. The gnomes knew from where this unnatural winter came, but they could never say…

They came from the Feywild…

Snow began to cover the land

For thousands of generations, the Elves and Eladrin, unlike the gnomes, refused to cross from the Feywild unto the natural world. They were the stuff of myths, children’s bedtime stories and bard’s songs. Their existence was doubted by all but the gnomes, who were keeping their existence a secret for all time.

An Eladrin city in the Feywild

Long before man even walked Elderyn, a war was fought in the Feywild between the gnomes, the elves and their eladrin kin. The always conniving and tricky gnomes were easily defeated by their more powerful fey neighbors and were sentenced to a life of exile in the natural world, Elderyn. The existence of the Feywild and the elves was a secret they were obliged to keep for all time if they wanted to survive at all.

A gnome...

In the natural world they pondered their fate and worked at changing their ways. They settled peacefully in the western lands, named it the Eckleborough, and made it their home. The gnomes worked hard at becoming a respected race, leaders of the world. A goal that they easily achieved. The rise of the kingdoms of men was in fact aided by the gnomes, and a mutual respect was forged by both races.

Meanwhile, deep in the Feywild, at the Fortress of Frozen Tears, The Prince of Frost plotted. His anger at the natural world grew each day, as his beloved Sharaea was lost to Elderyn’s lands. His desire was a simple one, blanket the world in an ever lasting freeze, and as the world would lay frozen, he’d steal the domain of winter from the Raven Queen, darkness from Zehir, and vengeance from Tiamat. The Pale Prince wanted to become a God, because nobody ever betrays a god…

The Price of Frost

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