Baron Archimidis Azer


Baron Archimidis Azer (52), is the Lord of one of the major Noble Houses in the City of Retribution, located in the Rickenmyre Plains.

Azer also has a voting seat on the ruling council of the city, and is the top Judge in the Court of Offenses, the highest court in Retribution.

Azer is a widow, and his wife died while pregnant, leaving him with no children of his own. Through the years, he has taken in and adopted orphans of all races, and raised them to serve within the hiarchy of the Sentinels and Guards of the Azer House.

Azer is considered by many to be an honorable man, and a noble warrior. He once served as a Paladin for the Church of Pelor, but a devastating leg injury forced him to retire from the field. Azer felt it would be dishonorable and against his fate to accept magical healing, and due to the injuries, he walks with a cane.

Today, Azer works towards making Retribution a safe place for its large and growing population through his work on the Council and the Court.

Baron Archimidis Azer

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